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    The Mall Platform
    White-label Website
    We develop and operate a website that is not only modern but also functional – mall visitors can browse directory of stores, parking information, navigation around the mall, ongoing offers, loyalty program, promotions and events.
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    Why Your Mall Needs Website


    Of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.


    Of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.


    Costumers learn about in-store promotion or event via website.


    Customers locate stores or check store opening hours via the website.

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    Benefits For The Mall
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    Increase Customer Retention

    The Simplaq is helping consumers get the most out of their shopping experience with directions, parking, updates on discounts, special offers, upcoming events that the app users can avail through push notifications.

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    More Effective Communication

    A mobile app is the most efficient way of staying in touch with your customers. Once a customer downloaded the app, you can communicate with your app users.

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    Easier Mall Management

    All info about a shopping mall in the palm of your hand, accessible from a phone app: parking information, navigation around the mall, ongoing offers, promotions and events calendar, loyalty program, tenant management and integration with social

    Our Features

    You can create an account for each tenant soyou can communicate with them directly throughthe system. Tenants can edit their store profileand keep all their info up to date.
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    Directory of Tenants

    Large shopping malls often have a complex directory of stores and services, causing confusion for customers. However, our shopping mall navigation system can accurately locate users’ positions indoors, making it easier for customers to find their desired locations.

    Useful Info

    Simplaq can help you establish a directory of all tenants, including shops, businesses, and restaurants, categorized by name and type. Our directory provides essential information such as location, opening hours, phone numbers, and website links to brand or company sites.

    Our Features

    This feature allows the mall management to plan and organize events such as concerts, exhibitions, and promotions, and communicate these events to customers via digital channels.


    Consumers can add their favorite retail stores to a list of favorites and receive exclusive offers and deals from those specific stores. This feature was designed to create a sense of community among consumers who share similar interests in brands, products, and services.


    With Simplaq, customers will never miss out on offers or events held in your shopping mall. By creating a news post, customers will receive immediate notifications through the app and social media, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest promotions and events.

    Our Features

    Loyalty System
    The mall is able to offer various rewards – products, services, free parking, free amenities, gift cards or other benefits in exchange for points.
    Give Rewards
    The mall can provide a variety of rewards to customers in exchange for points,
    including products, services, free parking, complimentary amenities, gift cards,
    or other benefits.
    Reward Each Visit
    Simplaq enables you to effortlessly reward customers with points every time they step into the mall, courtesy of a simple GPS check-in. This feature encourages customers to visit the mall more frequently and earn rewards while doing so.
    Create Challanges
    Simplaq provides the exciting opportunity to craft challenges tailored for customers.
    By successfully completing these challenges, customers can unlock additional points
    or a variety of other rewards.

    Our Features

    Give Points For Each Purchase
    The customer takes a photo of the receipt via the mobile app and uploads it in seconds. In case of warranty claim he can simply show the seller receipt in the app. Each receipt is OCR processed and all info is uploaded to the system. The points are automatically added to the user’s account.

    The app saves a list of items mentioned in the receipt hence you can track user preferences and draw some stats on buying behavior. What is more, customer has all receipts digitized in one app so in case of warranty claim he can simply show seller receipt in the app.

    Gift Vouchers

    Generate vouchers with QR codes. Customers can automatically receive points for scanning vouchers.

    Maps & Navigation

    No longer will smartphone users need to wander around looking for static maps or information booths.

    Our Referals

    Simplaq is trusted by professionals from top companies

    Pavel Urban

    Head of Retail, CBRE Czech republic

    Provided invaluable expertise and support to our digital marketing technology projects

    I don’t actually see Simplaq as a supplier, but as a progressive and accommodating partner with whom we can flexibly implement and process marketing-digital solutions. I also highly appreciate the innovative and open approach, thanks to which we can cooperate with each other, develop other effective tools, or even brainstorm freely.

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    Discover how our shopping centre management and retail analytics software can transform your business and drive revenue
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